Version release notes for hamvoip AllStarLink software

RPi2-3-4 Version 1.7-01 Allstar - May 15, 2022 - K4FXC

-> Updated RPi related firmware packages to support new hardware,
	including the Z2W and 4B version 1.5 boards.
-> Full roll-up to latest codebase for firmware image release.
-> Updated hamvoip-misc-scripts, SA818-prog version 1.08x
-> Updated /boot/cmdline.txt and /boot/config.txt, turned off
	serial console.

RPi2-3-4 Version 1.6-21 Allstar - January 29, 2022 - K4FXC

-> Updated hamvoip-misc-scripts package. Updated permissions on SA818-prog

RPi2-3-4 Version 1.6-20 Allstar - January 27, 2022 - K4FXC

-> Fix sometimes missing IP address on halt and reboot menu screens.
-> Updated to custom polkit-0.113-6 to mitigate possible: CVE-2021-4034.
-> Updated hamvoip-misc-scripts package. Updated SA818-prog program
	to version 1.07.
-> Updated hamvoip-asterisk package to version:
	This is a major update.  See release info here:

RPi2-3-4 Version 1.6-18 Allstar - October 05, 2021 - K4FXC

-> Added hamvoip-ca-update package with updates the IRSG root
	certificate needed for Let's Encrypt SSL certificates.

RPi2-3-4 Version 1.6-17 Allstar - February 18, 2021 - K4FXC

-> Updated hamvoip-misc-scripts package. Updated SA818-prog program
	to version 1.04, correcting some minor issues. Also updated
	the script, fixing results for low CPU temps.
-> Updated hamvoip-sm-scripts package, fixing the get_temp script so
	that proper results are returned for low termeratures.

RPi2-3-4 Version 1.6-16 Allstar - January 28, 2021 - K4FXC

-> Updated supermon related scripts and to fix
	bugs caused by changes in new kernels.
-> Moved /usr/local/sbin/supermon folder to hamvoip-sm-scripts
	package since it contains several scripts needed for
	applications other than supermon.
-> Updated sample config file with better instructions
	on how to set APRS related parameters.

RPi2-3-4 Version 1.6-15 Allstar - December 06, 2020 - K4FXC

-> Updated hamvoip-misc-scripts package. Updated SA818-prog program
	to version 1.03, fixing a minor timing issue which could
	cause the program to stop functioning.

RPi2-3-4 Version 1.6-14 Allstar - November 29, 2020 - K4FXC

-> Upgraded kernel to 5.4.75, including these supporting packages:
-> Rolled new firmware images which include all updates to this point:
	RPi2-3-4_V1.6-14_Allstar.img.xz, RPi2-3-4_V1.6-14_Allstar.exe
-> Updated hamvoip-misc-scripts package. Included SA818-prog program
	which improves programming support SA818 modules found in the
	SHARI radio adapters.

RPi2-3-4 Version 1.6-12 Allstar - June 05, 2020 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated hamvoip-asterisk package to version:
	...Several newly found potential seg-fault bug fixes
	...New events variables: RPT_TX_TIMEOUT and RPT_RX_TIMEOUT
	...Changed MAXCONNECTTIME to 10 seconsds (was 5)
	...Fixed bug in rpt showvars
	...Added new event processing code to allow setting setting
	   variables to actual values, not just TRUE or FALSE.
	   The code is activated with the "type" specifier "S" as in:
-> Updated write_node_callsigns script, fixing bugs for new astdb.txt

RPi2-3-4 Version 1.6-11 Allstar - May 18, 2020 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Added hamvoip-stats-reset package to update rpt.conf, fixing issues
	where some nodes are reporting private node info to the
	stats servers. Since private node info isn't displayed, this
	is just noise.

RPi2-3-4 Version 1.6-10 Allstar - April 21, 2020 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated hamvoip-asterisk package to version:
	...New code for events processing that allows variables to be set
	...Thread cleanup and naming--all asterisk threads now have names
	...Support glue for node load balancing

RPi2-3-4 Version 1.6-09 Allstar - March 01, 2020 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Added hamvoip-wireguard package which supports wireguard VPN tunnels
-> Added hamvoip-openssh package which updates openssh to version 8.2p1
-> Updated astdb.php script to point to new ASL URL
-> Updated script,  many new audio formats supported
-> Updated hamvoip-asterisk package to version:
	...rpt playback now works on Echolink and IRLP channels
	...Major code merges; mostly refactoring which (hopefully!)
	isn't visible to the user.

RPi2-3-4 Version 1.6-08 Allstar - February 02, 2020 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated and to allow audio file output

RPi2-3-4 Version 1.6-08 Allstar - January 12, 2020 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated and to utilize JSON data format

RPi2-3-4 Version 1.6-07 Allstar - December 08, 2019 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Removed gdrive binary. This is no longer functional due to changes
	google. Another solution is being researched.
-> Updated

RPi2-3-4 Version 1.6-06 Allstar - November 20, 2019 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated hamvoip-misc-scripts package. Added nptee program, updated
	astdb.php script, added echolink_permit_deny script

RPi2-3-4 Version 1.6-05 Allstar - November 05, 2019 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated hamvoip-dnsreg package. Improved performance during
	network outages, where app_rpt could sometimes become
	wedged and unresponsive.
-> Updated hamvoip-asterisk-support-scripts package. Fixed /etc/sudoers
	so that the Supermon application can always properly reboot
	the system.
-> Updated hamvoip-asterisk package to version:

RPi2-3 Version 1.6-04 Allstar - September 04, 2019 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated pacman mirrorlist URL

RPi2-3 Version 1.6-03 Allstar - August 31, 2019 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated hamvoip-supermon
-> Updated hamvoip-lsnodes-support
-> Updated

RPi2-3 Version 1.6-02 Allstar - August 25, 2019 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated hamvoip-supermon
-> Updated hamvoip-lsnodes-support

RPi2-3 Version 1.6-01 Allstar - August 12, 2019 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Added support for Raspberry Pi 4B. NOTE that RPi4 support
	is only currently releases as a full firmare upgrade.
	See the webpage for downloads.
-> Updated hamvoip-asterisk package to version:

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc6-10 Allstar - July 22, 2019 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated hamvoip-supermon to include preliminary simpleusb config

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc6-9 Allstar - July 13, 2019 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated hamvoip-asterisk package to version:
	Includes bugfix for 6 digit AllStar node numbers.
	Changes IAX2 Register messages to include timestamp.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc6-8 Allstar - July 07, 2019 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated hamvoip-supermon
-> Updated hamvoip-irlp-support
-> Updated hamvoip-lsnodes-support
-> Updated hamvoip-asterisk package to version:

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc6-7 Allstar - February 24, 2019 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated support scripts:

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc6-6 Allstar - February 17, 2019 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Fixed script due to API change.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc6-5 Allstar - February 11, 2019 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Bug fixes related to pacman issues with updates.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc6-02 Allstar - February 10, 2019 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated hamvoip-backup-restore-scripts, fixed error.
-> Updated hamvoip-asterisk package to version:
-> Updated AutoSKY script -- now adds 1 second of silence at end
	of announcement for avoid chopped off audio.
-> Upgraded kernel to 4.14.97, including these supporting packages:
-> Rolled new firmware images which include all updates to this point:
	RPi2-3_V1.5rc50_Allstar.img.xz, RPi2-3_V1.5rc50_Allstar.exe

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc5-16 Allstar - January 12, 2019 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Added new /usr/local/sbin/examples/ script.
-> Updated hamvoip-asterisk package to SVN rev 307. Version:
	Includes updated chan_echolink driver which fixes the issue
	where echolink connects from nodes not in the local database
	might cause several second audio dropouts.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc5-15 Allstar - January 09, 2019 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated hamvoip-misc-scripts, temporarily removed admin option
	#14, usb-power-cycle. A kernel panic may occur.
-> Updated hamvoip-packet-tools package
-> Updated hamvoip-hamlib package
-> Updated hamvoip-irlp-support package

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc5-14 Allstar - December 05, 2018 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated hamvoip-asterisk package to SVN rev 302. Version:
	More code clean-up, optimization for hubs.
-> Updated hamvoip-misc-scripts, new/updated TTS commands.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc5-13 Allstar - November 16, 2018 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated hamvoip-asterisk package to SVN rev 296. Version:
	Fixed remote_dtmf_allowed to always allow commands from
	the PC IAXRPT client.
-> Updated hamvoip-autosky, new features (see howto).
-> Updated hamvoip-misc-scripts, new/updated commands.
-> Updated hamvoip-supermon, added missing logo image.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc5-12 Allstar - November 12, 2018 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated hamvoip-asterisk package to SVN rev 290. Version:

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc5-11 Allstar - November 09, 2018 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated astdb.php script, changed operation to bail out if the
	node is public, but the file download fails.
-> Updated hamvoip-asterisk package to SVN rev 283. Version:
	More seg-fault sanity checks. Fixed minor issue with DNS
	lookup which kept remote command mode from working. Added
	new code for COP 61/62 commands so that the equal ("=")
	sign used in GPIO statements may be replaced with a colon
	(":"). This allows these COP commands to directly be used
	as event handler targets. Added remote_dtmf_allowed parameter.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc5-10 Allstar - November 06, 2018 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated astdb.php script, fixed bug related to private nodes which
	could cause a continuous stream of "undefined variable"
	messages to get logged.
-> Updated AutoSKY script -- now writes plain text alerts to the
	file: /tmp/AUTOSKY/warnings.txt
-> Updated script, added 'v' option to output text only,
	no audio files generated.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc5-09 Allstar - October 29, 2018 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated hamvoip-supermon package to 0.6-32. This is a bugfix
	update, with minor feature adjustments.
-> Updated astdb.php script, adding filters and sanity checks.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc5-08 Allstar - October 21, 2018 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated hamvoip-supermon package to 0.6-30. This is a major
	update to supermon version 6.1+.
-> Updated hamvoip-supermon package to 0.6-31. This is a bugfix

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc5-07 Allstar - September 01, 2018 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated hamvoip-asterisk package to SVN rev 276. Version:
	Many new IAX2 sanity checks further improving overall
	system stability. Cleaned up AMI output for IAXRpt and
	Zoiper, etc., connections. More DNS Query updates.
-> Updated safe-asterisk script to improve error recovery.
-> Updated, scripts to improve error recovery.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc5-04 Allstar - August 08, 2018 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated hamvoip-asterisk package to SVN rev 250. Version:
	Improved rxondelay feature, now can be a negative number,
	which makes rxondelay only activate immediately after PTT
	is released. Bugfix where one-way audio disconnect got
	activiated improperly for remote bases. Changed priority
	of various nuisance debug messages. Updated for DNS lookup
-> Added new hamvoip-dnsreg package.
-> Added /usr/local/sbin/
-> Added /usr/local/sbin/

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc5-03 Allstar - July 15, 2018 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated hamvoip-asterisk package to SVN rev 223. Includes
	more updates for seg-fault crash bug fixes. One sanity
	check was keeping auto-reconnects from working. Version:

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc5-02 Allstar - July 09, 2018 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated /usr/local/sbin/
-> Updated /usr/local/sbin/

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc5-01 Allstar - July 02, 2018 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated /usr/local/sbin/
-> Updated /usr/local/sbin/
-> Updated hamvoip-asterisk package to SVN rev 219. Includes
	several seg-fault crash bug fixes. Also, chan_echolink
	has been updated to include a customizable message feature.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc4-25 Allstar - June 01, 2018 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Added script to misc-scripts package.
-> Updated hamvoip-asterisk package to SVN rev 211. Includes
	AMI memory corruption bugfix for Allmon2 and Supermon
	where there are many (75 or more) connected nodes.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc4-24 Allstar - May 27, 2018 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated hamvoip-asterisk package to SVN rev 208. Version:
	Added new high-performance FIR digital filters to the
	chan_simpleusb driver; back-ports from chan_iopipe. New
	HP filter is labeled DCSfilter in simpleusb-tune-menu
	and provides a brick-wall, with audio below 300Hz down 50dB.
	The new LP filter corner is at 3.5KHz, with -50dB at 4KHz.
	Modified safe_asterisk script to positively clean up after
	an asterisk crash.
-> New script which verbally indicates AllStar registration

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc4-23 Allstar - May 24, 2018 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Merged RPi3b+ support and earlier releases.
-> Upgraded kernel to 4.14.31, including these supporting packages:

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc4-22 Allstar - May 22, 2018 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated hamvoip-autosky package. Now allows announcements on
	multiple nodes.
-> Updated and New features.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc4-21 Allstar - April 16, 2018 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated hamvoip-asterisk package to SVN rev 199. Fixed chan_echolink
	so that nodes coming is via relays show up with correct node
	and callsign info. Fixed chan_irlp where node numbers were
	getting truncated to 3 digits, rather than the whole 4 digit

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc4-20 Allstar - April 10, 2018 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> menu fix so that it works when no IP address can be found.
-> Supermon fix, included IRLP lookup program.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc4-19 Allstar - April 02, 2018 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> New support for IRLP and AllStar/Asterisk debug code.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc4-18 Allstar - March 26, 2018 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> New/Updated BCD control scripts.
-> Updated, fixed minor bug where IP address sometimes
	was not correctly reported.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc4-17 Allstar - March 14, 2018 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated supermon, including new features.
-> Updated hamvoip-asterisk package to SVN rev 172, further
	improved chan_echolink seg-fault issues by resolving
	race conditions. Also applied race condition fixes to
	chan_irlp, chan_dstar, chan_usrp.  Fixed several bugs
	with the COP 48 command, improved sanity checks and
	stopped unneeded messages related to chan_simpleusb.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc4-16 Allstar - March 10, 2018 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated supermon, including new features.
-> Updated the hamvoip-ezstream package, fixing a missing library
	dependency (taglib).
-> Updated hamvoip-autosky package. Fixed AutoSKY bug where there
	could be multiple announcements with the same message,
	like: "Flood Warning" "Flood Warning"
-> Updated hamvoip-asterisk package, fixed chan_echolink seg-fault
	crash bug, which would show up on busy conferences.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc4-15 Allstar - February 15, 2018 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated Allmon2 to the latest code which includes fixes for a 
	privilege escalation bug and other additional features.
-> Updated Supermon to version 6.0+, which includes many feature
	enhancements and fixes a similar privilege escalation
	bug as was found in Allmon2.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc4-14 Allstar - January 22, 2018 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated /usr/local/sbin/ ...Added capability to speak
	3 word conditions
-> Updated Autosky ...Fixed typo--array index [4] should = 4, not 3

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc4-13 Allstar - December 31, 2017 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated /usr/local/sbin/ ...Fixed bug where temperatures
	never went negative!  Brrrrr!

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc4-12 Allstar - December 30, 2017 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated /usr/local/etc/rc.allstar script
-> Added new script: /usr/local/sbin/
-> Updated hamvoip-misc-scripts package config so that the file
	/etc/openvpn/firewall is no longer clobbered.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc4-11 Allstar - December 10, 2017 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated Asterisk code to SVN rev 157, version 1.5.3-22. Includes
	changes in Asterisk/app_rpt start-up timing and implements
	a new timing feature: startup_macro_delay, which is a number of
	seconds from 0 to 120 and delays the associated startup_macro.
-> Updated Asterisk/app_rpt, added new node parameter:
	archivetype=[gsm|pcm], which allows a ulaw/pcm audio format
	to be utilized, rather than gsm/wav.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc4-10 Allstar - December 04, 2017 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated /usr/local/sbin/ script
-> Updated /usr/local/sbin/ script
-> Updated /usr/local/sbin/firsttime/ script
-> Added /usr/local/sbin/makepassword program

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc4-9 Allstar - November 16, 2017 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated Asterisk code to SVN rev 150, version 1.5.3-21. Includes
	minor bugfix reported which could cause a clicking noise
	in the sound card output audio. This only showed up when
	PTT was not keyed--common with "radioless" nodes.
-> Updated Asterisk chan_simpleusb driver allowing the RX COS timer
	to be disabled by setting rx_timeout=0. Added more alpha/beta
	test code.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc4-8 Allstar - October 29, 2017 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated Asterisk code to SVN rev 146, version 1.5.3-20. Includes
	formatting change in username field for output from CLI
	command: "iax2 show registry"
-> Updated Asterisk chan_simpleusb driver, set new default value
	"duplex=1" to activate new driver code, by default.
-> Added new script: /usr/local/sbin/ which provides a
	simple way to confirm registration status.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc4-7 Allstar - October 27, 2017 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated Asterisk code to SVN rev 144, version 1.5.3-19. Includes
	updated chan_simpleusb driver which implements full-duplex
	audio, further reducing and stabilizing latency when the
	PTT/transmitter are keyed. Use the simpleusb.conf parameter
	duplex=[0|1] to disable or enable. The default is enabled.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc4-6 Allstar - October 17, 2017 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated wpa_supplicant and hostapd to fix vulnerability described

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc4-5 Allstar - October 01, 2017 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated Asterisk code to SVN rev 141, version 1.5.3-17. Fixed
	TX audio level bug introduced in 1.5.3-16 where level was
	not always calculated correctly. Add the simpleusb.conf
	parameter: tx_audio_level_method

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc4-4 Allstar - September 19, 2017 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated crudini software to fix bugs in how comments in config
	files get handled.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc4-3 Allstar - September 10, 2017 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated several core packages related to GnuPG, etc.
-> Updated Asterisk code to SVN rev 139, many changes, including:
	Added G.729 and G.722 CODECs, simpleusb TXCTCSS capability,
	distinctive courtesy tones and more beta-test code.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc4-2 Allstar - July 27, 2017 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated Asterisk code. Modified echolink connection algorithm to
	immediately force a node list update if a connecting station
	isn't currently in the database. SVN rev 124, 125.
-> Updated Asterisk code. Fixed buffer overflow bug in main/asterisk.c
	encountered when long hostnames are used. SVN rev 126, 127.
-> Updated Admin menu to fix pacman failures due to stale database locks.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc4-1 Allstar - July 16, 2017 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated Asterisk code. Added/updated app_rpt core_debug, codec2, iopipe,
->	irlp, version numbers, etc., now at SVN rev 123.
-> Updated, fixed bug if temp == 100.0.
-> Added

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc3-5 Allstar - May 22, 2017 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Fixed longstanding Asterisk bugs in manager code.
-> Added enhanced DTMF pass-thru code in simpleusb channel driver.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc3-3 Allstar - March 16, 2017 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated/Added support files for integration of the supermon software.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc3-2 Allstar - March 04, 2017 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Fixed minor bug introduced in 1.5rc3-1 where admin menu option #9
	(goto bash shell) failed to return to the previously used
	directory---the /root/.bashrc file was missing.
-> Changed permissions on the /tmp/rpt-extnodes file to be 0644, they
	were 0700.
-> Changed apache "/tmp" path from the systemd private folder to the
	ACTUAL "/tmp" folder. This fixed problems where apache scripts
	need to access files stored in the real "/tmp" path.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc3-1 Allstar - February 24, 2017 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Fixed bug in ft4-sethost script where unusual hostname formatting
	would cause the dialog inputbox to fail and set a completely
	invalid hostname.
-> Fixed bug in rc.allstar script which keeps the hardware watchdog
	from launching properly if enabled.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc3 Allstar - February 22, 2017 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Cleaned up speedbump prompts in simpleusb-tune-menu, SVN rev 100.
-> Added save config on exit speedbump in simpleusb-tune-menu, SVN rev 97.
-> Updated chan_irlp, IRLP nodes begin with a number 8, SVN rev 98.
-> Updated app_rpt, changed default IRLP audio levels, SVN rev 99.
-> Updated app_rpt, fixed bug in rpt_notch where the filter "Q"
	did not get properly calculated, SVN rev 96.
-> Updated chan_echolink, changed EL_MAX_CALL_LIST from 30 to 128, SVN rev 95.
-> Fixed bug in menu where it failed with immediate logout
	if the terminal type is unknown.
-> Bumped Asterisk version to: V1.5.3-6-app_rpt-0.327-02/22/2017, SVN rev 96.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc2 Allstar - January 24, 2017 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Dozens of updates to related operations.
-> Enabled watchdog by default.
-> Upgraded to 4.4.44 kernel.
-> Upgraded dahdi for 4.4.44 kernel.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5rc1 Allstar - January 21, 2017 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Updated functions to provide many new capabilities.
-> More simpleusb-tune-menu updates, SVN rev 88.
-> Set to always launch when the root user logs in.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5beta4 Allstar - December 31, 2016 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Patches in app_rpt.c for [telemetry] stanza bug, SVN rev 75.
-> Many simpleusb-tune-menu enhancements, SVN rev 76, 77, 79.
-> Patched dahdi-base.c, fixed patching error for 2.11.1, SVN rev 78.
-> Patches in app_rpt.c, changes version info, SVN rev 84.
-> Patched chan_echolink.c with fix from Lito, KI9H, SVN rev 80.
-> Patched chan_simpleusb.c to include CM108B support, SVN rev 83.
-> Upgraded kernel, dahdi and related files to 4.4.39-1.
-> Installed crudini CLI tool for INI file management.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5beta3 Allstar - November 20, 2016 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Changed "RemainAfterExit=no" for rc-local.service
-> Patches in app_rpt.c for [telemetry] stanza bug, SVN rev 71.
-> Patches in app_rpt.c, changed MAX_STAT_LINKS to 128, SVN rev 73.
-> Patched chan_echolink.c with fix from Lito, KI9H, SVN rev 72.
-> Upgraded kernel, dahdi and related files to 4.4.32-3
-> Update hamvoip-wireless-config-0.1-9: fix broken RPi2 support.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5beta2 Allstar - October 31, 2016 - K4FXC, WA3DSP

-> Found that the RPi would randomly fail to cleanly poweroff and reboot. Added
   several changes (mostly systemd related) to resolve this issue.
-> Updated script and added script to provide an admin menu

RPi2-3 Version 1.5beta1 Allstar - September 29, 2016 - K4FXC, WA3DSP, W0ANM

-> Rolled in all package updates, many changes. Documentation to follow
-> Major updates in setup scripts (,,
-> Setup new flash image.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5alpha2 Allstar - August 10, 2016 - K4FXC, WA3DSP, W0ANM

-> Updated hamvoip-misc-scripts package to include:
-> ...Conflict with 'vi' package, the functionality is replaced by vim
-> ...Set dependency of packages 'vim' and 'wavemon' to install them, if needed
-> ...Added symlinks in /usr/local/bin related to 'vim'
-> Updated hamvoip-dahdi package to include .INSTALL script which runs /sbin/depmod
-> Fixed inconsistencies in rpt.conf files.
-> Set default answer to "NO" for network config dialog
-> Fixed bug introduced into Asterisk in 7/2016 which broke simpleusb-tune-menu option #2
-> Fixed package inconsistencies for dahdi (tonezone).
-> Setup perl CGI support for lsnodes
-> Split lsnodes into new hamvoip-lsnodes-support package
-> More misc. housekeeping and directory cleanup.

RPi2-3 Version 1.5alpha Allstar - August 07, 2016 - K4FXC, WA3DSP, W0ANM

-> Removed all identified non-packaged files, moving to hamvoip packages
-> Updated pacman to ONLY use hamvoip archive repository
-> Updated/upgraded packages with "pacman -Syu"
-> Installed relavent new hamvoip packages from repository
-> Kernel version: 4.4.16-1-ARCH
-> Modifified apache config for php7.0.2
-> Upgraded dahdi to 2.11.1 -- package: hamvoip-dahdi 4.4.16-2
-> Upgraded Asterisk/AllStar to hamvoip-2016-07-16
-> Turned OFF rsyncd server by default
-> Many, many changes

RPi2-3 Version 1.07beta Allstar - July 22, 2016 - K4FXC, WA3DSP, W0ANM

-> MAJOR OS upgrade:
-> ...Performed "pacman -Syu" upgrade to armv7h release found at:
-> This is the staging release where all initial hamvoip repository builds were initiated
-> Kernel version: 4.4.12-1-ARCH
-> Went through and extensive round-up of customized scripts and command, generating packages
   recompiling many utilities, Asterisk and dahdi for new libraries and gcc version
-> Compiled, packaged and installed php ncurses and SysV message libraries

RPi2-3 Version 1.05beta Allstar - July 12, 2016 - K4FXC, WA3DSP, W0ANM

-> Based on OS files from 1.02beta.
-> Updated Asterisk (/usr/local/hamvoip-asterisk) to 07/12/2016 alpha version
-> Hacked together a new kernel module: dahdi_hrtimer to provide a precision timing source for
   dahdi. Now, dahdi_test consistently shows results better than 99.97%, versus 99.6% without
   this code. This improvement fixes MANY issues.

RPi2-3 Version 1.02beta Allstar - March 26, 2016 - WA3DSP, K4FXC, W0ANM

-> Preliminary beta-test release for RPi2 and RPi3 boards
-> Update kernel to 4.1.19-5
-> Update bootstrap code and overlays for RPi3
-> Installed alpha-test copy of latest Asterisk/AllStar binaries
   in: /usr/local/hamvoip-alpha-test  ...See the comment in:
   /usr/local/etc/rc.allstar about safe_asterisk to use this verision

RPi2 Version 1.01 Allstar - March 22, 2016 - WA3DSP, K4FXC, W0ANM

-> Replaced chan_simpleusb module to remove audio delay (echo)

RPi2 Version 1.0 Allstar - April 10, 2015 - WA3DSP, K4FXC, W0ANM 

-> First general release of RPi2 Allstar code

RPi2 Beta Release 2 - April 7, 2015 - WA3DSP, K4FXC, W0ANM

-> Added fix to astdb.php and changed cron entry
   multiple retries and random update period - after release
-> Added perl-xml-simple - after release
-> Minor last minute script fixes

RPi2 - Beta Release 1 - April 6, 2015 - WA3DSP, K4FXC, W0ANM

-> Added ntp servers and fallback servers to timesyncd.conf
-> Updated W0ANM scripts - added rxaudiodelay, 
   powerdown monitor option and other minor fixes
   See powerdown (halt) howto on the web page for implementation
-> added some additional scripts - see script 
   documentation on the web page
-> Automatic wireless support not in this release.
-> Changed editor for crontab to nano

RPi2 - Alpha Release 6 - April 03, 2015 K4FXC WA3DSP

-> Updated/upgraded packages with "pacman -Syu"
   Kernel version 3.18.10-3-ARCH
-> Updated hamlib radio control library, moved
   "--prefix" directory to /usr/local/hamlib and setup
   symbolic links.
-> Copied watchdog daemon from BBB, recompiled and setup
   for use on RPi2 so that it functions just like the
   BBB version.
-> Added bcm2708_wdog watchdog driver to 
-> Installed latest dahdi drivers
-> Updated AllStar to include new simpleusb code
   Includes both pre and de-emphasis and
   rxaudiodelay for squelch tail elmination
-> Installed pcsensor USB temperature sensor code
-> Moved sample AllStar config file back to
-> Cleaned pacman caches: pacman -Scc
-> Remove extraneous/old libs, drivers, etc.

RPi2 - Alpha Release 5 - March 24, 2015 WA3DSP

-> Updated Kernel/packages to version 3.18.9-3-ARCH
-> Asterisk code updated to latest SVN and 
   merged with BBB/RPI2 code - K4FXC
-> Minor fixes in scripts - W0ANM

RPi2 - Alpha Release 4 - March 21, 2015 WA3DSP

-> Updated kernel/packages to version 3.18.9-2-ARCH
-> Inserted all W0ANM script updates for RPi2
-> All networking now uses networkd as defined
   in /etc/systemd/network. Files are configured 
   by setup. Initial boot is DHCP. Wireless at boot
   not implemented yet. Can be executed manually. 
-> time sync is handled by timesyncd
-> named handles domain lookup. /etc/resolv.conf
   is set to

Raspberry Pi 2 Inital Version from BBB base 
Pre-release -  March 6, 2015 WA3DSP

-> Installed Archlinux Kernel 3.18.8-4-ARCH
-> activated tmpfs for /var/log
-> Loaded numerous required packages including but not
   limited to httpd, python2, PHP and dependencies
   and packages previously loaded in BBB release
-> compiled and installed Dahdi
-> compiled and installed Asterisk
-> Loaded necessary configuration, script, and
   program files from BBB including but not limited
   to  lsnodes, hamlib, wx scripts, startup scripts.
-> reinstalled all W0ANM scripts to latetest versions
-> Installed Allmon2 
-> modified LED CWID for RPI2
-> ativated hearbeat, reduced graphics memory to 16M
-> Installed ftdi1 and Adafruit_GPIO pacakges
   Supports FT232H and other GPIO
-> wiringpi GPIO pacjage installed - man gpio
   see /usr/src/examples

Version 1.2.1 Release October 20, 2014 K4FXC WA3DSP W0ANM

->added packages svn, git, bash-completion, gdb, netcat
->updated bash to 4.3.30(1)
->added script for automated node configuration
->added environment file and rc.allstar - see documentation
->updated image-backup for updating files
->moved saytime scripts to /usr/local/sbin
  now requires node as parameter
->Minor script fixes

Version 1.2 Pre-Release-beta October 1, 2014 K4FXC WA3DSP W0ANM

->simpleusb.conf - changed plfilter default to on
->added fix to simpleusb time function to uptime - see docs - K4FXC
   allowed removal of /etc/rc.local  1 sec and 30 second delays
   fixed occasional startup usb audio distortion
->added same time fix to chan_iax2, chan_usbradio, chan_echolink, and app_rpt
->added /etc/asterisk/dnsmgr.conf
->moved many scripts from /etc/asterisk/local to /usr/local/sbin
->added file backup/restore scripts - W0ANM - see backup  docs
->added usb-backup and usb-restore scripts - W0ANM - see backup docs
->added image-backup to usb stick - W0ANM - See backup docs
->added weather forecast and alert package - W0ANM - see documentation
   in /usr/local/bin/Weather
->added google tts script - W0ANM - see documentation
   in /usr/local/bin/tts
->added ssh_pass - see scp documentation in backup howto
->spelling correction in lsnodes
->Added wav file to /usr/local/sbin/power-button-press - see file for info
-> moved to /usr/local/sbin
->updated and for wireless connections
->changed symbolic link for vi from ex to vim - cursors work!
->added watchdog timer - uncomment in /etc/rc.local to activate - see docs.
->added USB temperature sensor code - see documentation
->added command archiveaudio=0 ; Disable saving .wav files - see docs.
->added support for wireless USB FOBS - See documentation
->added sayip at boot - says local IP to radio
->added noload of in modules.conf - comment line if you need sip
->Updated bash for shellshock fix - version 4.3.27(1)
->added many support modules - dosfstools udisks2 devmon  parted
   ntfs-3g fuse-exfat
->devmon started at boot - mounts usb sticks  - vfat,fat32,ntfs,exfat
   for backup/restore - mounted in /media - see docs.
->added hamlib radio control library
  See man rigctl, rigctld, rigmem, rotctl, rotctld, rigswr, rigsmtr
->added ftdi library
->updated to mirror 0.324 app_rpt changes
->Updated and added web page documentation - scripts, wireless, backup, etc.

Version 1.2alpha3 September 20, 2014 K4FXC

->Updated/upgraded packages with "pacman -Syu"
->NOTE: 3.16.3 ARM kernel fixes Pseudo-ACPI
->Updated /boot/uImage
->Fix: Patched/recompiled dahdi drivers for 3.16.3
->Fix: /usr/local/etc/
->Installed devmem package
->Installed dtc-overlay package
->Removed python 3.4 package
->Installed python 2.7.8 package (required for gpsd, Adafruit-BBIO)
->Installed python2-pip, python2-setuputils
->Installed Adafruit_BBIO python modules
->Installed gpsd
->Installed php package
->Installed php-gd package
->Installed traceroute package

Version 1.2alpha2 August 24, 2014 K4FXC

->Updated /etc/rc.local script to automatically change /etc/motd
->Fix: /usr/src/util/asterisk/channels/chan_simpleusb.c
  Now recovers from USB glitches - cable disconnects, etc.
->Updated /usr/src/util/asterisk/apps/app_rpt.c to version 0.323

Version 1.2alpha1 August 23, 2014 K4FXC

->Updated/upgraded packages with "pacman -Syu"
->Installed zip/unzip package
->Installed tcpdump package
->Installed python 3.4 package
->Installed acpi and acpid packages
->Edit /etc/systemd/logind.conf
->Edit /etc/acpi/
->New script: /var/local/sbin/power-button-press
->NOTE: 3.16.1 ARM kernel lacks drivers for ACPI
->New script: /var/local/sbin/start-named
->Fix: /etc/systemd/system/
->Fix: /usr/local/etc/
->Updated Linux Kernel to 3.16.1
->Updated /boot/uImage
->Fix: Patched/recompiled dahdi drivers for 3.16.1
->Fix: Added /etc/modules-load.d/sound.conf

Version 1.1 Initial Public Release June 25, 2014

Commented noload and in modules.conf
These modules needed for phone and web transceiver calls.

Removed /etc/asterisk/system.conf - this file is not needed.

Added iLBC codec as first choice in contexts in iax.conf but not in
iaxrpt or iphone contexts. They do not handle iLBC properly.

Defaulted plfiler to on in simpleusb.conf  DTMF tones are handled better
with radio relax turned off and your audio sounds better without all the
PL on it.

The firewall now defaults to off with instructions on how to enable it
on the web page. Most well configured routers will have a good firewall
but if you run a DMZ or otherwise open system you should enable the

Added modified which does better checking of requested IP
and netmask validity.

Renamed and made non-executable - this script does not work
well and often results in fouled up config files. Best to do it manually
as described in howto. Code left in for reference.

Loaded wpa_supplicant which is needed for wifi use.

Many updates to the web page to reflect these changes. Also added
howto instructions for adding the iLBC codec to Acid so it will
work with the BBB, setting up iax_rpt, first time configuration,
and backing up.

Version 1.04 May 22, 2014 WA3DSP

Minor changes, 2nd beta release

Version 1.03 May 21, 2014 WA3DSP, K4FXC

->Updated/upgraded packages with "pacman -Syu"
->Installed bind9 package
->Installed cpio package
->Installed openvpn package
->Installed sqlite package
->Cleaned out the package cache with "pacman -Sc"
->Enabled named (bind9) and set as default nameserver.
--->Issued command: systemctl enable named
->Many changes in /usr/sbin/
--->Secondary DNS IP not written into /etc/netctl/eth0
--->If dhcp setup, issue: systemctl enable dhcpcd
--->If static IP setup, issue: systemctl disable dhcpcd
--->No need to adjust /etc/resolv.conf, code removed.
--->Setup default DNS to be local nameserver,
->Installed simple firewall in: /etc/openvpn/firewall
->Configured firewall to load in: /etc/rc.local
->Fixed uEnv.txt file. Now boots with RevB and RevC BBB's.
->Patched Asterisk to include iLBC CODEC w/20ms frames.
->Patched iax2.conf file for iLBC CODEC.

Version 1.02 May 16, 2014 WA3DSP, et. al.

app_rpt.c updated to 0.322
new setup scripts in /usr/local/sbin

Version 1.01 May 14, 2014 WA3DSP

simpleusb.c updated - TX audio level setting fix
Added as primary DNS
Added first time startup script code from Jim Duude
Put svn configs in /etc/asterisk for use by startup scripts
Added package dnsutils - dig, nslookup, etc.

Version 1.0 May 10, 2014 WA3DSP

Initial release